Table of Contents

FamilySearch Apps
Add or Edit Marriage Information on the Family Tree App
Ancestors with Tasks List for Android
Correcting parent-child relationships
Descendants with Tasks List for Android
Doing more with FamilySearch mobile apps
Finding Submitter Information
Interview Questions when recording for audio upload
Maps feature on iOS Family Tree app
New Look and Features for the iOS App
Nifty New Stuff
Possible Duplicates and Merging
Refreshing the Family Tree apps
Relatives Around Me--Fun Feature of Family Tree App
Removing names from temple list of Android Family Tree App
Search Ancestry from a person screen on iOS Family Tree app
Search Historical Records from the Tree apps
Tree Views and the App
View My Relationship on the Mobile Apps
Helper Information
Learn and find answers on
The new Get Help
Show Me How

Family Tree
Correcting Family Members
Correcting Vital Information
Entering Non-Standard Family Relationships
Finding Submitter Information
Fixing Looping Pedigrees
How Did My Tree Get So Messed Up?
Link to a Spouse's (or Other Relative's) Tree
Merge Problems Solved
Pay Attention to the Arrows
Should I add living relatives to Family Tree?
Solving the Problems of a Shared Tree
Someone Merged Records That Are Not Really Duplicates
Tree Views

Changing Focus
Evaluating and Improving Your Family Tree Data
Family History (Genealogy) Conferences
Great Place to Learn (The Family History Guide)
Organizing Your Work for the Non-Enthusiast
Protect and Preserve Your Family Tree Data

LDS Topics
I Just Want To Find Names To Take To the Temple
Sealing shows as both complete and available
The 110 Year Rule
Why do family history if there is no temple work to do?

Adding date and place to Memories items

Record Images
It Matters How You Search for the Record
Microfilm records with the end of film ordering
What Determines Whether I Can Access the Image

Search Strategies
Broad record searches
Narrowing Your Search

Sourcing on Family Tree
Attaching Image-Only Sources to Family Tree
Working with Sources

Temple and Family History Consultants
Changes in Calling Names--What is Different?
The Consultant Planner
Family History Leadership Guide on Gospel Library App
Great Place to Learn (The Family History Guide)
Personalized Lesson Plans (includes how to sign in as helper)
Pondering Our Teaching Methods
Resources for Temple and Family History Consultants
Saving Consultant Planner Lessons as PDF Files
Training Temple and Family History Consultants
Using and Interpreting the Family History Activity Report
Using the Consultant Planner on the Android Family Tree App
What if someone asks me for help researching in a country I know nothing about?

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