Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Entering Non-Standard Family Relationships

We all know that families are rarely ideal, so we need to be able to enter adoptions, step-parents, and children with the same mother but different fathers with or without marriage. FamilySearch Family Tree gives you ways to record these family relationships.

If you know both the birth parents and the adoptive parents, you can add both to Family Tree. Start with the child. For our example, we'll assume no parents yet show for Sam. So, we navigate to his record and click to open his details. Then scroll to Family Members and click Add Parent.

We'll start by adding the birth parents. Let's assume for the sake of our example that we only know the name of the birth mother. We enter her information (If you know she is in the system and know her Family Tree ID,  you can click Find by ID Number in the lower right of the Add box and save searching. In our example, we don't know if the parents are in Family Tree yet or not. The system searches to see if she is already in Family Tree. If you see a match, click Add Person. Otherwise, at the top in the "You Entered" box, click Create New

Now we see Sam's birth mother.

We also know his adoptive parents and want to record them too. So, at the top of the Parents and Siblings section, we click Add Parent (notice it in the screen shot above) and enter the name of either the adoptive father or mother. You have to add them one at a time. When you click Next, the system search for matches. Again, click to add a match if found or click Create New if not found. Now click Add or Find Spouse for the parent you added to get the other adoptive parent showing.

Search for and add the other adoptive parent.  Now that we have Sam's birth mother and his adoptive parents showing, we need to decide which we prefer to see on the tree view and be sure that we have the relationships correctly showing. The system has defaulted to showing his adoptive parents as the Preferred set of parents (what you see in pedigree views). If you want to change that, just click in the Preferred box below his birth mother (you can see the Preferred boxes in the screen shot above, at the bottom of each parent relationship box). 

Now let's set the relationship types, starting with Sam's birth mother. First, click Children below her name on the Parents and Siblings side. Then click the pencil icon to the right of Sam.

Below Alissa's name, click Add Relationship Type.

It defaults to Biological, so just add a reason you know this is correct and click Save. Then pop up to his adoptive parents and do the same thing. You need to Add Relationship Type for each parent. Click the drop-down arrow to the right of biological and click Adopted, enter how you know, and click Save. Now you have Sam's birth mother showing as well as his adoptive parents. (This would also be the way to show step-parent relationships.

Now let's suppose that Alissa Hamilton (Sam's birth mother) married later on and had other children with her husband. We want to record that too. So, click to open Alissa's details screen and scroll to Family Members. Click Add Spouse above the box showing her without a spouse but with a son. Search for and add her husband. Now Alissa shows with her husband but also with a child and no husband. 

Notice that we have not added marriage information for Alissa and Marvin. We can click the pencil icon to the right of No Marriage Events and add that. Or, if they had children but never married, just leave that empty. Under the relationship of Marvin and Alissa, we can click Add Child and enter each child they had together. 

Hopefully you see the basic pattern. You can add as many parents as you want to a child and edit the relationship types. You can add as many spousal relationships as you need for a person. If a couple lived together and had children, but never married, just don't enter a marriage event. 

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