Friday, March 3, 2017

Great Place to Learn

If you haven't discovered it yet, I suggest you make a visit to This is a great place to learn and to create training for others.

It has projects with goals to help you become familiar with all aspects of In addition, there is a technology project that talks about webinars, using mobile devices, social media, and genealogy software. There is a project where you can learn about DNA testing and matching and one where you can explore how to do family history research in nearly any part of the world.

Check out the Misc tab. It even has a section on helping children have fun with family history activities. Cool stuff here for families or others who work with children. And there is an LDS Topics section to help Church members with temple-related activities.

I haven't poked around in the Training tab much, but it looks like it would be valuable to anyone teaching classes or workshops or helping new consultants get up to speed.

I've been going through the projects carefully as I want to feel comfortable recommending the site to the consultants I train. It will take a long time to get through them all. I'm still in the Family Tree project, and overall it is excellent. I have found some minor inaccuracies. Some things are just plain wrong, but most are a reflection of how often changes and how difficult it is to keep online content completely up to date. None of the inaccuracies are such that the site would not be valuable to anyone wanting to learn and improve skills.

Check it out!

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