Thursday, January 19, 2017

Resources for Family History Consultants

Consultants who want to learn to be more effective have some excellent resources available to them.

The Family History Callings page at ( This is a fantastic resource. It has resources for all aspects of the calling. There are 7 sections, each valuable:

Understanding My Calling has training materials for consultants in either a learn-on-your-own format or a class format as well as links to many other resources for learning.
Start with a Personal Family History Experience walks the consultant through a Find, Take, Teach experience. 
Helping Others Love Family History is perhaps my favorite section of the page as it helps a consultant understand how to plan a personalized lesson for those she works with. I think this approach is worthy of its own blog post as I am totally sold on it.
Learn to Use has answers to the most common questions that come up as people learn to use the website.
Resources for Finding Ancestors gives basic research strategies so consultants can help members find records to grow their trees.
Technical Training links to one of the other fantastic resources out there: the Family History Guide--see below.
Media Resources takes you to the LDS Media Library where you can find wonderful videos and images to use as you teach.
The Family History Guide (
This wonderful website covers sooo much. There is a section on computer basics for those who are a bit technically challenged. Beginners can start with the Family History Basics. The Projects tab takes you through step-by-step as you complete projects that get you familiar with the tools and methodology of family history. There is a Children tab that has lovely ideas for involving the whole family. The Training tab includes a section for training consultants. The Vault tab has other articles and videos. And the LDS tab is more specifically aimed at temple opportunities. Don't miss this amazing resource!

The Consultant Blog ( hosts several blogs. One is specific to consultants and well worth visiting on a regular basis. The posts vary a lot, but always give ideas that can help consultants and those they serve.'s Get Help
Whenever you have questions about the website, or about how to research something--or anything family history related, go to Sign in. Click Get Help in the top right corner. In the little search box, type some key words and press Enter on your keyboard. You'll see help articles, Learning Center lessons, and wiki articles. It's hard to think of a family history question you won't find help answering here.

FamilySearch Support
If you are still stumped or confused, pick up the phone and call 1-866-406-1830 to talk to the support folks at FamilySearch.

With so many wonderful resources out there, anyone who has a desire to be an effective family history consultant can do it. I think that part of the calling needs to be setting aside regular study time so that you can be the best possible help to those you work with.


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