Thursday, December 1, 2016

Adding Date and Place to Memories on has now added the ability to add a date and place to your Memories items. Here is how to do it.

Sign in to and then hover over Memories at the top of the screen and click Gallery. By default it comes up in a grid view. Click the three lines icon in the top right to change to a thumbnail view.

Now you can click Add Event Date or Add Event Place to add more details about a photo, audio recording, document, or story. Just one more little detail that can help add value to the items you add to Memories.

I sorta expected that I'd also see the option to add the date and place if I had a particular item open in the viewer, but it doesn't seem to be any other place besides the thumbnail view in the Gallery. 

Now, if I only knew when and where most of the photos I have of my ancestors were taken!

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