Saturday, November 5, 2016

The New Get Help on

Get Help on changed recently. so I thought it might be worthwhile to take give you a feel for the change and how to find stuff now.

From what I can tell, the idea is to get all kinds of help content on a given topic in one place. That way, if you search for information on a topic, you can see help articles, wiki articles, and online lessons without having to jump from one spot to another within the Help Center. Here's how I like to use it:

Sign in--always sign in. It makes a difference in what you see. Click Get Help in the top right corner of the screen. Notice that you have links to various options, but I like to put my search words in that search box right at the top. Then press Enter or click the magnifying glass icon.

This takes you to the Help Center. Notice that you see a search box with your search terms, so you can easily modify the search if you aren't getting good results. It defaults to showing you all content: articles, lessons, and wiki articles. But if I only want to see one kind of content, I can click one of the options and limit my results.

I'm not sure that it is going to stay exactly like it is now. I've heard that it is still in beta (test-mode), so we might be seeing more changes soon. 

One thing I like is that it does give me the online lessons and wiki articles in my search results. Too often I forget to look for those kinds of content when I am searching for help. It's nice to see them all together. 

I've heard some complaints about the new approach. Mostly it seems that people miss the Get Started and Frequently Asked Questions content. Getting Started is now a link on the pop-up you see when you click Get Help and has been updated. For LDS users, that page also now includes names and contact information for your unit family history consultants, which is nice.

If you click Help Center from that pop-up illustrated above, you'll see the more familiar look of the Help Center, in case you prefer that approach. If you click one of the icons to search on a topic, the results are the most frequently used help content for that topic, so you're getting the FAQs without them being labeled as such. 

Go explore the new Help Center. And, if you see ways it could be better, click the Help us improve banner along the right border of the page. 

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