Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Correcting parent-child relationships in the Family Tree app

Sometimes you find that a person is attached to the wrong set of parents in Family Tree. Using the Family Tree app on an Android or iOS device, here is how you fix those problems.

  1. Navigate to the person who has the wrong parents showing.
  2. When you tap to open a person's record, you see a dark bar at the top that shows the name of the person, a photo if you or someone else has added one, the birth and death years, and the Family Tree ID. Under that, tap Parents. It's on a white strip on iOS and a green strip on Android. 
  3. Now you see the parents and your person along with other children associated with those parents. To the right of each name in the Siblings list is a pencil icon. Tap the pencil icon to the right of the person who should not be showing in this family. 
Both parents are wrong.
  1. Now you see the parents. Below them you see a red Wrong Parents link. If both parents are wrong, tap that. 
  2. You'll see a diagram showing the link you are breaking. If you want to continue, tap Continue in the top right of that screen.
  3. Enter a reason you are confident in removing the person as a child of these parents. Then tap Remove in the upper right. 
Only one parent is wrong. 
  1. Instead of tapping Wrong Parents, tap the down arrow to the right of whichever parent is incorrect. 
  2. Here you can change the relationship type. Tap Edit to the right of the current relationship type add change it to adopted, biological, foster, guardian, or step. 
  3. You can delete the relationship type or add one.
  4. You can also tap Wrong [Father or Mother] to remove the person as a parent.
  5. The next screen shows what relationship you are breaking. At the bottom you can tap Remove to just get rid of the incorrect parent. Or, if you know who the parent should be, you can tap Replace
  6. If you tap Remove, you need to enter a reason and then tap Remove in the upper right. 
  7. If you tap Replace, you can enter the name and other information about the correct parent and then pick from a list or create a new record. Or you can add by ID if you happen to know the Family Tree ID of the correct parent. For each of these choices, just enter the information on each screen and then tap the word in the upper right corner. 
So, just like with everything on Family Tree, you can fix the errors you see. Please do take the time to indicate clearly why you are making the change. That and adding sources to back up what you do go a long way to not only create a more accurate tree, but also to lessen the chances that someone is going to a) be irritated by the changes you make, or b) un-change your change.

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