Thursday, October 6, 2016

Refreshing the Family Tree apps

It is not unusual to make a change to a person's record on the Family Tree app on your mobile device, but the change doesn't show. Or you make a change or addition to a record from the website and it doesn't show on the app. Here are ways to force the app to refresh.

Left to its own devices, we are told that changes or additions you make on the website can take a few hours to a few days to synchronized with the app. You can wait it out. Not being the patient sort, I usually want to hurry it up. You have a few options. (All require Internet access.)

Download Pedigree
You can download the pedigree afresh. To do that from either Android or iOS devices, tap the menu icon (3 lines) in the upper left. Then tap "Settings". Tap "Download Pedigree". This brings a new copy of your 6 generation pedigree down from the website and will be up to date.

This is usually not my first choice, as I then have to re-expand the tree and some of my history list can get lost. But it works.

Clear Cache (Android only)
On an Android device, in that same Settings section, you can tap "Clear Cache." That gets the latest data from the website without downloading a version to use offline. I don't see that option on iOS.

Refresh Person
If you just have one person whose information needs updated, the fastest thing is to just refresh that person. To do that, find and tap the person. At the top of the person page, in the dark bar that includes the person's name, tap the 3 dots on the far right. Tap "Refresh Person." That will bring in the current information on the person from the website.  

Sign Out
You can sign out and sign back in. 

Refresh a tab or list (Android only)
On an Android device, you can refresh a tab for the person to retrieve the must recent data. From the person screen, tap the tab you want to refresh. For instance, Memories. Then swipe down. It's a little tricky to figure out where to start the swipe. You need to start it just below the green tab bar. You'll see a small circle spinning as the page updates.

Sometimes, I'll open my history list (a fast way to get back to an ancestor I have been working on) and find it empty. Swiping down works well to get that list to refresh too. Again, this only works on Android devices. I have not found a way to do it on iOS devices. In the upper right is an icon that looks sorta like a clock with an arrow going around it in an counter-clockwise direction. Tap that to see your History List. Swipe down to refresh the list. Again, you have to start the swipe at the right spot or nothing happens. Start the swipe at the level of the first name on the list--below where you see the magnifying glass and the words "Type the ID to find a person". You see the spinning circle as the list refreshes.