Friday, September 30, 2016

Tree Views and the App

On, you have a choice of ways to look at your tree. The default is the Landscape view. This is much like the traditional pedigree chart except that each box represents a couple, instead of an individual.

The Portrait view is the only view available on the Family Tree app, and is also an option on the website. It shows the portrait photos you or others have added to your ancestors. It's a nice one for showing to other people, since it's kinda pretty. You can opt to see the same portraits in other views. In the example above, I have turned off the portrait option. I do that with all my pedigree views unless I am presenting and want it to look nifty. Loading the photos take a bit longer than loading the pedigree without photos.

The Fan Chart view is good for seeing the holes in your family and deciding where to do some research. It's also a nice looking chart and one people often opt to print and display. The screen displays 5 generations. When you print, you get 7 generations.

The descendancy view allows you to select an ancestor and see his or her descendants. You can click the arrows to expand any section to see spouses and children of each individual. Many folks like to use this to see descendants with data problems, record hints, research suggestions, or temple opportunities. This is a popular view for those with full trees who want to work on collateral lines.

Because this view can be so useful for seeing where you can immediately do work on your family lines, many users of the Family Tree app wish they could see the same view on the app. I have no idea if such an option is under consideration. But, in the meantime, you do have a nice way to see which descendants within 3 generations of a given ancestor have tasks for you to do. It is called the Descendants with Tasks list. I wrote about it in an earlier post. The post has instructions on the older version of the Android app. The option is available on both Android and iOS.

Since you don't want to have to go to that other post to see how to get the list, here are the steps. They are the same for both Android and iOS.
  1. Open the app and sign in if the sign in screen appears.
  2. Find and tap an ancestor for whom you want to see a list of descendants who have tasks. It shows 3 generations.
  3. On the details screen, in the dark bar at the top that includes the name of the person, tap the three dots icon--on the right of that dark bar.
  4. Tap Descendants with Tasks
  5. The list generates--it can take a while if there are a lot of tasks.
  6. If you are LDS, tap a green temple icon to see available ordinances or a yellow-orange icon to see what additional information you need to find for a person or couple.
  7. For all, tap a blue icon to see record hints and attach sources to the person.

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