Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Attaching Image-Only Sources to Family Tree

I am jumping up-and-down-happy-dance delighted with a new feature on FamilySearch.org. If you are a regular reader, you may recall a post about the importance for going to the catalog to find more images of more records. The problem has been that it was somewhat awkward to then attach those images as sources. You could add to the source box and then attach to each ancestor. Sometimes the Attach to Family Tree button would show and sometimes not--for no apparent reason.

Now life is better! The wonderful FamilySearch engineers do listen to our feedback and they have made the Attach to Family Tree button on those images simply wonderful. Here is how it works now. You'll never dread going into the Catalog to find scanned images and get them attached to your ancestors again.

Here's how I attach a marriage license image to my grandparents and each of their parents (all the names listed on the license).

First, of course, I find the image on the digitized microfilm (see It Matters How You Search for a Record). Then I click Attach to Family Tree button in the top left.

A side-panel pops up. The Source Title auto-populates. I can edit it if I want to. 

I scroll down and to fill in the Notes field with information about what is included in the record. I can also add this to my Source Box, if I feel so inclined. Since I was going to get it attached to all the people mentioned in it right away, I do not put it in my Source Box. I click the Next: Select Person button.
I have a choice. I can find the person in my history list. But, since I opened the catalog to search for the film in a separate tab, I choose to just go to the other tab and copy my grandmother's Family Tree ID and enter it in the Go To: box.
There she is, with a lovely green check-mark by her name. And, best of all, below her name are her spouse, children, and parents. So, I can just scroll down the list and add the source to her husband and to her parents, since they are named on the license. Pretty slick!

After I mark the family members to whom I want this source attached, I enter the reason for attaching the source and click Attach. Now, I also want to attach it as a source for her husband's parents. So, I click Back: Select a Person
I put his ID in the Go To: box, just like I did hers. Since the record is already attached to him, he shows with the message: "This image is already attached". 

But, I can scroll down to his parents, and get it attached to them too. Then click Next and continue with the reason statement and attach button.

Fantastic! And actually much easier and faster than the current interface for attaching indexed sources to families. I love it. Go try it out!

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