Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I'm My Own Grandma--Fixing Looping Pedigrees in Family Tree

Ever come across a Family Tree record where the person shows as his or her own parent--ad infinitum?

I wish I could find an example of this problem to grab a screen shot, but have none in my portion of the tree. But you'll recognize it if you find it in your part of Family Tree. On a pedigree view, you will see the same set of parents going back and back and back.

You look at it and feel a sinking sense of despair. How on earth can you fix such a mess? Turns out it's actually pretty simple.

Find the first spot on the pedigree where the incorrect parent-child relationship is introduced. This is most easily done by bringing up the pedigree for a child of the person.

Search for a child using the Find link in the Family Tree menu.

If you know the Family Tree ID, that is the fastest way to find someone. Or you can enter enough information on the general Find screen to limit your search results. I'll use the ID search in the illustration. Incidentally, you do not need to use capital letters and you don't need to put in the dash when you search by ID. Enter the ID and click Find.

In the results list, click the name. Then click Tree on the summary card. 

You'll come up in the tree view one generation away from where the loop starts. So, click the parent of your central person--the one who has the looping problem. This will take you to the beginning of the loop and thus to the spot where you can fix things. 

On the summary card of that parent, click the name to bring up the person details page. Scroll to the Family Members section. This is where you can see the child as his or her own parent. There are two columns in the Family Members section. You want to work in the PARENTS AND SIBLINGS column.

Find the person who shows as his or her own parent listed as a child in the PARENTS AND SIBLINGS section. Click the pencil icon beside the name of the child. On the flyout,click Remove or Replace beside the name of the child if both parents are incorrect. If only one parent is incorrect, click Remove or Replace beside the name of the incorrect parent. Click the little box to say you know what you are doing and click the Remove link. Of course, if you have the information as to who the correct parents are, you'd click the Replace link instead and put them in.

Voila! The looping pedigree is fixed.

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