Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ancestors with Tasks for the Family Tree app for Android

In a recent update to the FamilySearch Family Tree app for Android they added the ability to see a list of record hints for your ancestors. The system takes advantage of the fact that the app download 6 generations of your ancestors to your Android device.

I love this new feature. If I have a few minutes to kill and am in a place with a wifi connection (or you can use your data plan), I can look at records hints and attach sources to my ancestors instead of killing time playing scrabble or spider solitaire.

Here's how it works.

Launch the app. Then tap the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The top item on that list is Ancestors with Tasks. Tap it. It takes a minute to load--longer if you have a zillion hints waiting for you. But the names pop up as they load, so you don't have to wait to get started. Here is what the list looks like.

Tap a name to see the hints for that person. 

Tap one of the items on the list to see the basic info on the record. Tap Review to review each piece of information and decide whether to attach the record or not. Unfortunately, the app does not give you the ability to take a look at the image of the original record. So, if you aren't sure of a record, it's a good idea to go to online and take a look at the image before you make your decision. No sense in attaching records that are not really about your ancestors.  If you can tell from the indexed info that the record is not about your ancestor, tap Not a Match, just to the right of the Review button.

Pretty slick! A good way to make productive use of idle moments and source your ancestors on Family Tree. Have fun!!

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